Sunday, September 21, 2008

Be Still My Beating Heart...

I'm not sure where I've been the last 2 months, but I just found out today that L.L. Bean has signed on to put a store in the new Uptown Worthington site that is being developed at Rt. 202 and Rt. 29. I swear, I almost drove my car off the side of the road when I drove by and saw the sign today! I love me some L.L. Bean, peeps! I wasn't sure if I could trust the sign, so I came home to do some research. And, sure enough, I found a press release on O Neill Property's site that announced this fantastic news from July.

Now all I need is a Trader Joe's closer to my house and I will be all set!

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Lindsay Lebresco said...

OK- I need to hear more about this development site! I haven't heard about that - I'd like me some LL Bean too! That would be closer then the new outlets and closer then KOP- win-win!

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