Friday, October 3, 2008

This is very serious!

We went to Toys R Us Wednesday in search of a birthday gift for a party that Madison is going to this weekend. As we were walking in, Madison asked if we could look for toys for her birthday. I told her that Christmas and her birthday still werent for a couple of months, but we could look around to start getting ideas and make a wish list. She was very excited to make her list.

As we shopped around the store, we finally turned a corner and several aisles of dolls, Barbies, princess gear, etc. all became visible. Madison turns to me and gasps "ok, Mom, this is NOT the time for joking around!" I didn't think that I was known as being a jokester, but apparently shopping for dolls is VERY SERIOUS business.

One other funny Maddie-ism from that trip.... we were looking at the Barbies and all of a sudden Madison says very dramatically "Oh, they are so romantic!" Has someone seen a few too many princess movies?



DembroskyFamily said...

That sounds like Kaitlyn. I am already saying to Kaitlyn "Let's tell Santa about it" when she sees somthing that she wants in a store (to avoid the break down that is coming).

melissa.parlaman said...

that is a great idea to start walking the aisles to build your santa list. I think i may even bring a notepad so my daughter can see that I am taking her "seriously" & making the list for santa (plus it gets me out of buying her something right away & can be used for the grandparents when they ask what to get her for christmas).

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