Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back Seat Driver!

I'm wondering if you can drive a car better than I can if you still play with Barbies, take naps, and use a sippy cup occasionally? I didn't think you could, but Maddie obviously feels differently. She was all up in my business today about my driving .... here are some of the best lines:
Madison is drawing in the backseat as we drive to dance class.

Maddie: "Mom, look at this picture I drew."
Me: "Madison, I can't look right now because I am driving. I'll look at it when we get to class."
Maddie: "Mom, you can look. I'll watch the road for you!"
We were pulling out of a busy parking lot. I had started to pull out because I saw that the oncoming car had it's turn signal on and was going to turn before the street we were on. Maddie apparently didn't feel the coast was as clear as I did. As we passed the car that was turning, she waved to the car and shouted "We're sorry, ma'am!"
Even though we were at dance class early, Maddie somehow had it in her mind that we were running late. I tried to tell her that we would get there in plenty of time today, and we would probably wind up sitting in the parking lot waiting for her teacher to arrive (which did happen). As we were driving to class, she decided that chanting "Go, Mommy, Go" over and over again would get us to dance class quicker!

I didn't think the back seat driving would happen quite this early! I feel like I need a drink after being in the car with her today!



Kelly said...

Too funny! You better watch out when she is 16...I have a feeling it will only get worse!

DembroskyFamily said...

That is to cute. I love to hear their perception on everything.

Stephanie said...

HA! She's 'big sistering' you from the back seat!!! How cute! Hopefully that means she'll be a cautious driver herself one day!

Stinky John Jones said...

Oh, the toddler fun!

My oldest likes to yell, "Get out of our way!" and my youngest is forever saying, "Come on Dude!"

Wonder where they got that from???

Beth said...

Sam likes to decide which way I should go, and then when I don't go that way he proceeds to SCREAM for several minutes. Awesome.


Shannon ( said...

When Kiki was three, we were going somewhere with my mom. My mom is backing out of the driveway and Kiki says, "Back it forward,Grandma, back it forward." My mom and I still laugh about that!

Heidi @ GGIP said...

That's cute! My son made up Rule#100 which is don't run into other people with the car. I think there is another rule entirely for not running into other cars...

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