Tuesday, October 27, 2009

6 Months of Silence....

It wasn't intentional, my friends. REALLY. It wasn't.

My last post here was May 4th. And, as I look at the calendar and realize that nearly 6 months have gone by since posting on my blog, I am honestly amazed. You see... it just sorta happened. I'm sorry it did, but sometimes life just gets in the way, right?

I went through some of my last posts and realized that life here at Chateau Ott is quite different from the last time I updated you. When I left you, McKenna was a mostly immobile, binky-sucking little mama. And, Maddie, well, let's just say that the Summer of 2009 was one she'll never forget.

So, what happened? Well, my primary "distraction" (and it is a WONDERFUL distraction at that) is that in January, I started "working" with my friend Sarah in a more formal capacity over at Chester County Moms and Montgomery County Moms. We've got a great thing going over there, if I do say so myself, and sometimes when given an hour of free time, I choose working on those blogs versus blogging here. Beyond that, you know how life is with a 2 year old and an almost 5 year old. Soon, so much time had passed that there was almost too much to say and it felt overwhelming to post here.

Anywho.... I miss blogging. Period. End of story.

So, whether you want to read or not, I will be posting here more regularly (it's hard not to post any less, right? :-)). I like telling our stories and chronicling the kids lives, especially for family that live far away or want to see all of their daily happenings.

Let me catch you up a little:

McKenna is a bright, talkative, stubborn, opinionated, fully mobile little girl now. She just celebrated her 2nd birthday and she is a shining light. She is our child of extremes. She has full on temper tantrums, but she also has these hilariously heart-warming giggle fits too. She is a love bug... but only on her terms. She is willful and spirited and I love her to pieces.

Madison has had a crazy summer. After an exciting few weeks of camp, we headed to the beach in early August for a week of vacation. On our first beach day, Madison was down at the water's edge and in a VERY FREAK ACCIDENT, she twisted her leg and ultimately somehow broke it. It has been weeks of full leg casts, short leg casts, wheelchairs, walkers, pain, tears, and frustration. It has been the hardest weeks of my parenting career without a doubt, but also my most eye-opening. Madison has taught me so much in these weeks about compassion, patience, perspective and positive attitude. This little girl has been so resilient and such a trooper throughout. She has handled the whole situation with such grace and I am honored to be learning such valuable lessons from my own child. She amazes me.

So, here we are in October, enjoying preschool and planning for Halloween. McKenna is going to be Abby Cadabby, a fairy character from Sesame Street and Madison picked a "Forest Fairy" costume. They are excited to both be fairies, but be different at the same time. I can't believe how fast time is flying by with these kids!

Will post more soon! I promise.


melissa said...

welcome back!

Stephanie said...

Whoo hoo!!!! I love reading about you and the girls (oh, and DH too)!

Ott, A. said...

I was just out reading blogs and stumbled upon your site. We seem to both use our same last names in our titles. Just wanted to say Hi and Happy Blogging!!!

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