Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Par-tay!!!

As we do every year, we made it to Mimi's work holiday party last Friday. We always have such a fantastic time celebrating at that party. Madison and McKenna had a great time singing songs with Miss Jody, seeing the magician/balloon artist, and of course, visiting Santa and Mrs. Claus. We also had fun spending the morning with our cousins Brynn and Declan. Dylan couldn't be with us because she is in first grade now, and needed to go to school!

Me and my girls at the party

Mimi with her grandchildren Brynn, Declan, McKenna, and Madison (Dylan wasn't with us today)

Yes, the magician/balloon artist is INSIDE that balloon. The kids thought that was amazing!

Madison got picked to help John with a card trick.

This isn't a good picture, but in return for helping with the card trick, John made Madison a HUGE balloon poodle. It was adorable and Madison loved it.

The kids seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus. McKenna was not feeling it!

Madison and Brynn telling Santa very carefully what is on their wish lists.

Hugs for Mrs. Claus!

It's Declan's first visit with Santa!

Um, Dad??? Is Santa trying to move in on your woman????

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Stephanie said...

I love the photo with your mom!!!! And the ones with Santa and Mrs. Claus are great! It's so nice to see Mrs. Claus out and about this time of year ;)

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