Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Can you tell me how to get.....

to Sesame Street? ....... Or, more specifically, to Sesame Place?

We made our annual trip to Sesame Place this December with Mimi and our cousins for the Holiday Breakfast with the Characters. We had a wonderful time and it was so much fun having Declan join us for his first Sesame Place experience. All of the kids had a blast, but this year was Brynn's year (Sean and Heather's 2.5 year old)! She RAN from character to character to give them hugs. It was sooo adorable!

We did manage one picture with all 5 of them where McKenna wasn't crying. She was definitely NOT feeling Elmo up close and personal. It's Dylan, McKenna, Declan, Brynn, and Madison.

Declan's first Sesame Place trip visiting with Elmo and Aunt Ronnie.

Mimi and Aunt Ronnie with Declan.

Me and my girlies with our fave, Zoe the Ballerina.

Dylan and Madison gettin' silly with Telly.

Um, do you really think I care about these characters when Tater Tots are being served?? I mean, seriously!?!?

Maddie getting hugs from her bud, Ernie.
After our exciting morning at Sesame Place, we all went back to Mimi and Pop-Pop's house for to do some holiday cookie baking. Mimi had LOTS of recipes to choose from, but our favorite were making the chocolate covered pretzel sticks. So much fun!

Here's Brynn looking so C-U-T-E in her apron (pulled up to her armpits!)

Here are Mimi's helpful baking elves. Aren't they adorable?!

Thanks for a really fun day, Mimi. We love you.

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Stephanie said...

OMG, this is too cute!!!! They all look adorable. And what cute elves Mimi has!!! :) Shan, you really do create wonderful memories for your girls!

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