Monday, January 5, 2009

A Christmas to Remember...

And, unfortunately for all of us, that's what I'm going to have to rely on .... remembering! As a scrapbooker, you'd think by now I'd be proficient in getting all the "action shots" to accurately capture the day and have my camera at-the-ready at all times. Well, this year, NOT.SO.MUCH! I am not quite sure what happened. Perhaps it was managing the Christmas chaos for 2 kids this year (McKenna was only 10 weeks old last Christmas, and really didn't enter the fray) or perhaps it was the level of sheer joy and elation that an almost 4 year old brings to the day, but for whatever reason, there are several shots of this Christmas that I just did not get. And, I am very sad about that. One of the main shots that is missing is the annual "on the stairs" shot. That's the picture that my Mom took each year of us in our jammies just before we went out to see the tree. I've done this each year with our kids too, and missed it this year :-( I am also soooo annoyed that I never got a picture of the girls together in their matching Christmas dresses! I have lots of PJ pictures from the morning at our house and then our gift opening at Mimi and Pop Pop's house, but no pics in their cute little dresses at my Uncle's house. And, finally, I also got no picture of the 4 of us together that day :-( Well, all I can do is hope that I re-read this post before next Christmas and try harder to get the shots I want next time!

But, I did manage to get a few fun shots of the day. Take a look!

McKenna LOVED her toy keys and car remote!

Checking out Elmo with Uncle Mark.
Santa granted Maddie's single wish... A Doll House. She loves it so much and barely wanted to see her other toys on Christmas morning. Good work, Santa. (Although it wasn't green, was it?)
Uncle Mark and Maddie take a brief time out from playing with the doll house to say "Cheese!"

Hugging her Tinker Bell movie!
Trying to show everyone her new Barbie head from Mimi and Pop Pop.

Reading her Elmo book like a big girl!
Whether we have the pictures or not, it was an amazing Christmas filled with lots of love, laughter, and family. What could be better?


Stephanie said...

Aw.... but you do have some great shots here!!!
I'll have to remember to do the "on the stairs" shot next year... we always had that shot too - and it was always in a not so great vantange of my father at the bottom of the steps taking the picture of my brother and I at the top. Not so flattering, but a great memory to have!

Dawn said...

LOVE the Barbie head. . . ya know. . they'll never realize that you don't have it. My new theory. Take just one picture each year the same and put them in one small book together . . then scrap whatever else you get into a different book! I started realizing that I took video of xmas more than photos and didn't have hardly ANY of the shots you described - which have also been classic shots for us too!

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