Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Change for the Better

So, several months ago, I started on a plan to very slowly introduce more natural and organic foods and other household products into our lives. Eating more organically has even lead us to buy a share in a local CSA this summer. Our CSA share at Maysie's Farm has already been a great influence in our lives on alot of levels, and we are just loving it! The CSA share provides us with all of our vegetable produce needs from late May - November. We get to go weekly to the farm to pick up our food and also do some picking in their "Pick Your Own" gardens. We've picked some great peas so far and enjoyed lots of other great veggies from our weekly pickups.

More recently, I also decided it was time to stop playing around with the extra weight I've been dealing with the last few years. So, 10 weeks ago, I signed up at Weight Watchers and found an amazing meeting leader. I just want to thank my friend Jess for recommending this particular meeting/leader because she is so wonderful, completely inspiring, and she makes me WANT to go to my weekly meetings. Well, last night I went for my weigh-in and I hit my goal!!! Now, keep in mind that I still have at least 11, if not 16, more pounds to lose to meet my own personal goal. But, I'll tell you, it feels SO GOOD to have met my Weight Watchers goal weight! More importantly it feels so good to be more energetic, feel healthier, and to feel confident in myself again! So, here's to losing 23.4 pounds and here's to losing another 16 hopefully!

It's amazing what a positive influence the weight loss and the healthier/more natural eating has had on all of us. I love this new lifestyle we're creating.

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Kelly said...

Congrats Shannon! You look awesome and inspire me to do a better job with my own weight watchers program.

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