Saturday, June 21, 2008


This is my family. They are the three most fun, loving, challenging, endearing, make-my-life-worth-living people in my life. I know there are a million different cliches about how much having a family changes your life, changes your capacity to love, changes your opinions on the world, and most importantly changes you as a person. And, the truth is that every single one of them is true. I've never known love like this, and I've never been happier in all of my life.

Matt and I met by chance at a DANCE CLUB of all places. Not exactly where you think you are going to meet a mate, ya know! And, I never in my life have been happier to have gone out with my friends that night to celebrate my birthday, because that was the night my life changed forever. I met this impossibly handsome, dedicated, fun-loving, understanding, compassionate, intelligent, hard-working man and I've never looked back. We were meant to be together. We make such a great team.

Now, five years into our marriage we are so blessed to have these two daughters I like to think of as my own personal miracles. I know all parents think this, but I feel so lucky that these two little girls chose us to be their parents. They are both just the coolest people we know!

I want all three of you to know that you make me so happy and I cant wait to spend our lives together having fun and loving each other!

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Sarah said...

You are so sweet! You OTT 2 Know that I think you have a beautiful family and that you are a GREAT mom....camping trips and all.

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