Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"It's fun having a baby in the house?!"

Ever since we first told Madison that a baby was on the way, she has been really excited about being a Big Sister. I think in the beginning, all of the focus was on the "Big" part and how being a Big Sister = being a Big Girl. If there is anything Maddie likes, it's being the Big Girl in the house. She routinely reminds McKenna that she can wear flip flops, she can take a shower with Mommy, and she can have the occasional lollipop all because she is a big girl. She then reassures McKenna that she too will be a big girl someday and that she will teach her how to do all of the big girl things she can do! It's so cute.

Lately, though, besides even being the Big Girl in the house, Madison has really gotten into being the Big Sister. As McKenna gets more and more interactive, I am watching Madison respond to her more and more and it is so much fun to watch. Maddie loves to dance and jump around in front of McKenna and make her belly laugh. Then they both start belly laughing and its contagious. I think that might be the best sound in the whole world.... to hear your family in a chorus of laughter! Madison looks out for her sister.... gets her binky or a dropped toy, picks out new toys for her and even wants to feed her sometimes.

In earlier months, Maddie would say to us "it's fun having a baby in the house, isn't it?" Sometimes I wasn't sure if she was making a statement or questioning it and asking for validation from me? I always assured her that I thought it was lots of fun having a baby in the house. Recently though, Madison has been making proclamations all around the house, often saying "It's so much fun having a baby in the house!" What a joy it is for me to hear that. There was never a doubt in our minds that we would have a second child, so that was always a given. What wasn't a given was how our sweet, easy going little girl would react to having a sibling in the house. I am happy to say that Madison couldn't have adjusted any easier or better. I should have never doubted that little girl, she always manages to blow me away!

You know what, Madison? It is really fun having a baby in the house. But, the best part is sharing the experience with you and seeing it through your eyes. I love you and your sister so much!

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