Friday, June 27, 2008

Inspiration sold at Target :-)

I had the luxury of getting out for a few hours yesterday to run some errands without the girls! This doesnt happen very regularly, so I always get a little "drunk" on my freedom when I can just get in and out of the car easily, not have to heave 2 kids into carts, not have to negotiate buying new toys, snacks, or games with Madison, and certainly not have to simultaneously dangle McKenna's favorite toy in front of her with one hand while steering the cart accurately with the other.

I really capitalized on my freedom yesterday as I leisurely wandered through Target. I got to explore whole sections of the store that I dont normally visit because I was by myself. As I was walking by their Art and Frames aisles, I decided to duck in and check out what they had.

Now, I've been in my house for 4 years. It is furnished, and most rooms are painted. But, that's been the extent of my "decorating". It has always been next on my things "to do" list, but we've just never really prioritized time or money to decorating. Something else always just seems more important or necessary. And, I often just dont have the time to actually look at home decor items when I am out with the kids. So, my walls look a little blank and I've committed to trying to pick up some things here and there to try to start making a change in that.

Enter Target. They had some stuff on Clearance that I really liked, so I picked up a couple of different metal signs and one framed piece. I love the framed piece. It is so simple... just a pink frame with a scrapbook style inspirational message inscribed inside. When I saw it, it really invoked alot of emotion in me..... I know, getting emotional in the middle of Target from a sign????..... I can be a little over the top sometimes :-)

It says " If you are confident, You are Beautiful". I love this as a message in general, but especially as a Mom of 2 girls. From my own experience growing up, I know that instilling confidence is one of the main things on my "You Must Accomplish As A Parent" List for my girls. As kid, I was generally more of a follower than I was a leader, and my confidence definitely wasn't where it could have been. I had some issues with my appearance (the braces and the teenage acne certainly didn't help, either) and I also put alot of value in what other people thought of me. I didn't really get a sense of myself until my mid to late 20's. That's really too late to develop that. I want to make sure that my girls always know how great they are and how much they have to offer. I know that I can only do so much. I can only encourage those thoughts for them but some of that will come from inside themselves. But, I am happy to do whatever I can to help foster those feelings....... even if it means hanging a sign from Target in their bathroom as a reminder :-)


thekanefamily said...

You're such a good mom Shannon! You tell those girls everyday that they're smart AND beautiful and one of these days they'll rule the world...

Love ya! -N.

Sarah said...

I heart Target! It is my happy place.

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