Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sun, Sand, and Sickness....

We just returned from a week of vacation in Ocean City, NJ. Overall, the trip was truly fantastic. However, there were a few rough spots that we had to get through. The highlights include spending a week with our very good friends Kristin, Ed, and Caden (who also happens to be a certain someone's Godson... love you, buddy!), seeing McKenna and Caden (who are only 5 weeks apart in age) play, babble, smile, and steal toys from each other, enjoying the PERFECT weather all week long, watching McKenna dip her toes in the ocean for the very first time, seeing Maddie ride on the kiddie roller coaster and kiddie log flume ALL BY HERSELF (gah!), taking the kids to the water park, shopping on the boardwalk, Madison wanting to go "belly skating" in the ocean with Matt, the 4th of July fireworks and best of all spending the week with Matt! The lowlights were the nasty stomach bug that went throught the house and hit most of us for about 24 hours each (luckily Matt and McKenna were spared the wrath), the one night we spent awake with Maddie because of said stomach bug, and the next night we spent awake with McKenna whose reason was unknown (teeth, cold/runny nose, diaper rash... who knows?).

Here are a few pics of some of my favorite moments:

Beach Baby

My sweet Madison

Mmmm... ice cream!

First dip in the ocean..... not too happy :-) (It was very cold!)

Kristin and Caden

My girls

And my favorite pic of all. Thanks to Aunt Kristin for snapping the pic and to Uncle Ed for standing behind the flip flops to prop McKenna up in the picture!

The flip-flop family

Now its back to catching up on life and catching up on sleep! Back to posting regularly soon... g'night.


Amy said...

Great pictures, Shannon! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! I LOVE the picture of you all in the flip flops! We are headed to the shore in a few weeks...I can't wait!!

Julie said...

Aww your pics are wonderful. I'm jealous, no shore this summer! No time lol

I hope you are all feeling better. Meghan has something along those lines I guess. Sean had a touch of it the other day...

Ps see you soon. Its been too long :)

Sarah said...

Welcome Home...
Great pics.. looks like you had a great time.

You know how I am the skinny police... You were looking VERY skinny in the first pic of all of you on the porch.

Kelly said...

We had a stomach bug last week too! Stinks that you had it on vacation but from your pics, it doesn't look like it took away from your fun.

Jennifer said...

Great pics! The girls are as adorable as ever.

Shannon ( said...

Wonderful pictures! We leave on Saturday for the shore and reading your post has really made me more excited to go...minus the stomach bug of course!

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