Friday, July 11, 2008

Organization to the Extreme?

I am going to start this post by saying that having a second child has been fantastic! Never once have I regretted it or been anything less than totally ecstatic that McKenna is in our lives. That being said, however, I won't deny that it has been just a little bit tricky for me to get this whole "Mom of 2" thing down pat. While I feel that life is starting to return to more of a "normal" (whatever that is!) state, it feels like, to me, that having the 2nd child has been more than double the workload.

In the last few months of taking care of 2 kids and learning to give them both what they need, some things have been slipping through the cracks more than I would like. There are some household tasks that are "mine" that I haven't exactly been on top of, like paying the bills on time (I was late with the car payment and with the credit card payment on 2 separate occasions!) and keeping up with some chores, especially the laundry and keeping groceries stocked in the house. It was all really just feeling out of control and we were flying by the seat of our pants a little too much. I would just attack things when they got too stressful (or the laundry pile had gotten too tall... that just made me think of Kelly's post at A Rainbow After the Rain). So, I devised a plan.

I now have a schedule for some of my household chores. And, to say that out loud sounds totally ridiculous and much more complicated than someone's life should be.... I realize that. But, to me, it has made life so much less stressful and made our house run more smoothly! See I would just live knowing that the laundry was piling up, or the bills needed to be paid, and stress about it. But, the stress wasn't helping take action on it, it was making me feel overwhelmed. So now, I know don't have to worry about the laundry today.... it isn't laundry day.... no need to spend another minute thinking about it!

So, Tuesday is now the day that bills get paid and Thursday is the day that the laundry gets done. I know it sounds totally over the top... but it is working out so well for me!


Kelly said...

Thanks for the shout out Shannon! Love the new blog makeover. Very cute! I wish I could make myself do the laundry on a certain but I know me and I know that won't happen...just too lazy.

Sarah said...

I need a schedule too. I LIVE by the seat of my pants.

I will work on one this week and post it. Thanx for the inspiration

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