Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Disaster Averted!

Today was Madison's 2nd appointment at the dentists office. I wouldnt call the first appointment a complete disaster, but it certainly could have gone better. There were tears and I needed to lay in the chair with her to get her teeth cleaned/checked. So, I wasnt holding out alot of hope that today was going to go smoothly.... in fact, I expected worse since she knew what to expect. In fact, I didnt tell Madison that she was going to the dentist today until last night, just so that we wouldnt have to agonize about it for days and days. When I told her last night, she merely said "but, I dont like the denstist." When I told her we needed to go every 6 months to keep our teeth healthy, she just said "ok" and went to bed. This morning, she told Matt that she was going to be brave at the dentists office.... and, boy, was she ever!

She hopped right up in the chair, picked out her toothpaste and flouride flavors, laughed with the dental hygienist, and was a total rock star! This was awesome in and of itself, but even more welcome and totally helpful to me as I was at the beginning stages of a migraine! ugh! So nice to not have to manage my headache, a baby, and a crying pre-schooler at the dental office!

Just goes to show what 6 months can do at this age to improve maturity and their fear responses to things! Good job, my little shiny-tooth girl! So, off to Chic-Fil-A we went for a celebratory lunch! A dreaded trip to the dentists office turned out to be a really enjoyable morning for us!

And, I am not getting any compensation for this, but I want to send a huge shout-out to Chester County Dentistry for Children. The staff is completely awesome there and Dr. Jeff is fantastic. I love his non-alarmist views on things (we have a thumb-sucking habit that needs to be broken). He really has a great approach with me and with Maddie and I coulndt recommend them any more fully!


DembroskyFamily said...

We also go to Chester county dentrestry for children and also love it there. I am with you on the finger sucking and they are great about it. I wonder if it will change as they get older.

Sarah said...

Love Dr. Jeff! He is the BEST!

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