Tuesday, July 8, 2008

To my dear husband... I AM SO SORRY!

yeah... so the morning went pretty well (see post below) but the afternoon is NOT off to a great start.

i am a little bit of a safety freak (shari and jenn ... i hear you both laughing right now!). i keep our windows and doors locked at all times. When the windows are open (which they often are not open due to some severe seasonal allergies that hubby and I have developed), i feel the need to be on the same floor as the open windows. i will not leave ANY windows open when we aren't in the house, not even the 2nd floor. i am the person that locks the car inside the locked garage. so, it will come as no surprise that i have never considered the whole hiding a key outside thing. always seemed like i could never hide it in a place that some intruder couldn't find it. we do have one friend and a few family members that have keys to our house and i've never thought twice about needing any other back up plans... until today.

yes, i locked myself and my two sweet, unsuspecting children out of the house today. i absent-mindedly switched the lock to the garage door behind me when the big waterloo gardens truck pulled into my driveway and i went out to find out what was going on.... i havent ordered anything from them. they were trying to make a delivery to the former owner. well, guess what WG.... she hasnt lived here in 4 years. May be time to update your records, ya think?

the great news is that i had both of the kids with me... i would have been a complete mess if one or both were locked inside the house without me. the bad news is that neither maddie or i had shoes on, i didn't have my cell phone and it was nap time!

so, off to our fantastic (and retired - a bonus) neighbor's house to use the phone. call matt at work and on cell - no luck. call friends that have key on chance someone is home - no luck. call brother-in-law who has key in case he has to work a late shift today - no luck. keep calling hubby's cell until i finally get him. no one can help us out, so he has to come home. this is matt's first day back to work since vacation and i know he has a mountain of things to do today.

Matt... I'm sorry I'm an idiot and a safety freak! Thanks for coming to the rescue.

After naps I am headed to Lowes or Home Depot to get a key made. I am still not down with the idea of hiding a key, but I do trust our neighbors and will be giving them a key to hold for us in case of emergency. But, hopefully, my brain will return one of these days and this will never happen again!


Nikicham said...

Oh Shannon, you dear poor soul! I know your pain, I once locked Kyle in a running car when he was just a baby. Without having a back up key, not knowing any neighbors or having any family around to help. Fortunately in the beginning he was asleep, but when he finally woke up he was screaming his head off. So there we were waiting for an hour and a half for the god forsaken locksmith to show up, was Kyle crying on the inside of the car, and me crying on the outside.

I can't tell you how many times I've locked us out of the house here, THANK GOD FOR THE SPARE KEY at our neighbors house.

Best wishes,

Dawn said...

Okay - here's the plan for the safety freaks. . . Use a Hide-a-key BUT after talking with your neighbor - HIDE IT AT HER HOME and she at yours!!! : ) Genius, I know! : )

Val said...

At least it all worked out in the end. I too have had a "lock" problem. Only I locked my pregnant self out of the house with my 18 month old inside! Awake! Lucky I had my phone so I called my father in law. They didn't have a key but he came over and helped my "break" in.
I just sat at the door talking to my daughter so she wouldn't wonder off and get hurt. It was tough though!

Sarah said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new header... It is AWESOME!

I have done that more times than I will admit. All of my neighbors have keys now.

I gave everyone in my family keys to our house for Christmas just in case it is too late to bother a neighbor.

Erika said...

We have a hidden key in the garage and you need to get into the garage with a garage code to get to the hidden key (except when I leave the garage door open--horrors!) So, we have lost the hidden key, cause Seth likes to use it and play with it. Locked Seth and I out of the house 7/23 with Sammy sleeping inside! After hyperventilating awhile, Seth and I opened the garage and I told him--we HAVE TO find that key, and we did in Daddy's toolbox. I was panicked and can TOTALLY empathize!It is now hidden better and will not be lost again!

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