Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Her shirt says "That's it ... I'm calling my Mimi". Mimi is what my kids (and my nieces) call my Mom. I love this shirt. I especially love it when she is wearing it and getting mad at me, as she was this morning, for doing something as obscene as trying to feed her. I know, I have alot of nerve! I love how this shot captures that "I'm getting angry" finger that she was pointing at me, too.

Happy WW.



Val said...

That shot is priceless!

DembroskyFamily said...

great shot!

Lesley said...

Love the shirt!

Jennifer said...

Great shot! Did Mimi get that shirt???

Shannon said...

thanks, girlies. yes, Jenn, Mimi got that shirt actually for my niece Brynn. I love the hand-me-downs.

Beth said...

Oh my goodness where DID YOU GET THAT?! My mom is "Mimi" too, deemed so by my older son, and she would love to see it on one of them.


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