Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Shout Out to Patty

In honor of Patty's post earlier this month called Christmas In July, I thought I'd share this little tidbit with all of you about the sheer excitement and thrill that is my life. In this exact moment, Maddie and I are having some post-dinner relaxation time after a very eventful day. So, I tell her we can pop a movie in for a little while before she has to make her way to bed.

We have TONS of movies. I mean TONS. I was pushing hard for us to watch Enchanted. It is such a cute movie, or at least what I have pieced together... I've still not seen it from start to end. But, none of the suggestions I was making were met with approval, so I just gave up and told her to pick any one she wanted. Of all of the movies we have, the one she MUST watch tonight is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey Saves Santa. Um, ok? It's a little hard to get into the spirit as I sit here in a tank and shorts, but maybe Madison is in on the Christmas in July trend and I just didn't know. She always has been a trend-setter :-)


JLim said...

Visiting from Malaysia

Lesley said...

Just reading your post all I could hear was the Clubhouse theme song in my head....That is all we watch around here these days...I can relate to it being hard to getting into the spirit when it is 90 degrees out, as I am working on Breakfast with Santa stuff already for Emma's school!

powesq said...

YAY! It's not just me! Christmas in July all around!

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