Monday, July 7, 2008

Lucky Strike

Yesterday, we wanted to do something fun together as a family. Because we came back from vacation on Saturday, Sunday was one of those rare weekend days when we were home and had no plans, so we wanted to capitalize on one more day of family time. The weather forecast was calling for some rain and thunderstorms and it was generally pretty grey and overcast in the morning. We really wanted to go to the zoo, since we have an awesome membership package there thanks to my parents! But, we were afraid to drive all the way down there just to have to turn around because of the rain.

A few months ago on a cold winter Saturday, we took Madison bowling, and it might have been one of the best Saturday afternoons we've ever spent together. We had so much fun! So, we decided to go bowling again yesterday, and once again, we had a fantastic time. The best thing of all was that Madison got her first STRIKE! And, even better was that I actually had my camera out at that exact moment and got a pic of it! YAY! Here are some highlights:

I Love Bowling!

This is actually the pose just before she rolled her first strike! I love the ball ramps that they have for the kiddos to use. So much easier than teaching them to roll the ball on the floor between their legs.

Just before the ball hit the strike. Yay Madison!

Mommy even took a picture of the score board as proof. See her strike in Frame 5!

In other news, during our trip to the beach, McKenna started trying to mimick some of the things that our friend Caden can do (they are only 5 weeks apart in age). Well, Caden can clap his hands really well and looks so adorable doing it. And, McKenna has been trying hard to clap her hands. However, she's been struggling with keeping her hands open and her palms flat. She tries to clap with her hands clenched it fists, almost as if she was making the "more" sign that we have taught her.

While we were bowling, McKenna got her clapping down pat.... What a cute time to perfect it. She was our own little cheering section. Here she is:

Palms open....

And there's the clap!

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