Monday, July 28, 2008

"When I was a little baby.."

During our trip to Charleston this weekend, Madison really came out with some hilarious one-liners. She really kept me and my whole family entertained. But, there was one comment that has become the most quoted line of the trip.

We were at my cousin's reception and the evening was winding down. The music was still playing and all of a sudden Madison felt the need to get her groove on. She just got out in the middle of the floor and started dancing her little heart out, no one else was dancing. She asked my sister, my cousin Patrick (her new boyfriend... you should have seen her flirting!), and myself to sit at the tables and watch her "concert" (her dancing). We were telling her how great she was dancing and in her best southern accent (not on purpose, I don't think), she says "When I was a little baby, my MOMMA taught me these dance moves!" It was so HIL-A-RI-OUS! I mean, first, her "Momma"???? She has called me Momma maybe twice in her whole life, and that was only because she heard another child refer to their mother that way. Second, seeing the dance, you would think that Momma must have been drunk or high, or some combo of the two to have shown her those dance moves! Third, how cute is it that she gave "Momma" the credit for her excellent dancing? Too funny.


Shannon ( said...

Started reading this last night when it was up on the projector. I had to come back today to finish the story. Too funny!

Val said...

Oh, Charleston! I took J Girl with my Mom a couple years ago. We drove down....and she did great! I love it there!

Too cute, btw. She was really getting into the southern drawl, huh!

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