Thursday, June 26, 2008

Drool, Drool, and More Drool

My kids have both been early teethers. Maddie had her first teeth at 4 months and McKenna at 5 months. McKenna got her two front bottom teeth first and those 2 teeth have been it for the last 3 months. We've been waiting and waiting for additional teeth to appear because this child is such a drool machine! She has had days where I am literally changing her bib every hour because of the amount of drooling she's doing. I guess her little body decided it was going to make up for lost time and sprout 5, yes 5, new teeth at once. Now, if I was getting 5 teeth all at once, I'd be a crying, screaming, whining mess. Not this little trooper... she's a little off, but mostly she's still just her laid-back happy self. Kids can teach you the best lessons about not sweating the small stuff!

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