Friday, August 22, 2008

Four Generations

This was taken just last weekend at my niece's 2nd Birthday Party. We just happened to all be sitting there together and my Mom realized that this was a great picture opportunity and asked my husband to get a shot of us together. This is my new favorite picture. I love how smiley we all are.... just genuinely enjoying each other's company.

My grandmom moved to MD several years ago, and sometimes it really hits me how much I miss seeing her as regularly as I used to. I love spending time with her and love having my kids spend as much time with her as possible. I have some really great memories of my great grandparents and want my girls to have strong memories of their "Gigi" too!

And, of course, there is my Mom. What is there to say about my Mom? She is an amazing mother, and an amazing friend to me, and she is most of all an amazing grandmother to my children. I love you, Mom. And, Madison and McKenna love you too!




Lesley said...

What a great picture!

Nancy said...

Oh S! This is the stuff that makes life happy, happy, happy! Enjoy this picture - it's beatiful.

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