Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympians in the Making

Let me start this post by telling you just how much our playgroup ROCKS! We've been part of a playgroup since Madison was 4 months old. I knew from the very beginning that if I was going to be a Stay at Home Mom, I wanted to find a supportive network of friends for myself and for my child(ren). Well, I found it. There are all types of Moms and all types of kids in our playgroup and I've loved getting to know everyone involved. Aside from the wonderful friendships, our playgroup schedules some of the most creative and fun event for the kids! We've made some really wonderful memories at events that the playgroup has planned.

This past week, our playgroup had scheduled a 3-day Olympics Mini Camp for the kids. We were lucky that the weather cooperated and all 3 days went off without a hitch. Denise and Dawn did an absolutely amizing job at coordinating 4 different Olympic events (each day!) for the kids to partcipate in. This was no joke... we were doing the Olympics right here in suburban Philly! Not to mention the medals, the Olympic history, the Olympic torches they carried around the "friendship flame".... they thought of it all.
Madison had an unbelievable time all 3 days. Heck, I had a great time all 3 days! She took part in each Olympics station each day and tried out all of the events. More importantly, she can tell me about the Olympic flag and knows that we came together in friendship this week to compete.... it's awesome that they learned about the spirit of the games too!
I feel so lucky to be part of this amazingly creative group of families! Here is Maddie in all of her Olympic glory!

Day 1 - Pillowcase Sack Races

Day 1 - Fencing

Day 1 - Basketball

Day 2 - Relay Races

Day 3 -Soccer

Day 3 - Balance Beam

Day 3 - Tumbling

Day 3 - Our Olympic Medalist

Day 3 - Taking the Podium

Even the babies were having fun at Olympics camp too!



Lesley said...

Great Pictures Shannon, you can really tell the kids were having fun!

Dawn said...

LOVE the way you have captured the Olympics this week!!! : )

Shannon ( said...

What a creative bunch of mommies in your play group. Kudos to all of you for putting on such great activities for your kids! The pictures were great!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness, how fun! Good for you guys for being so proactive about creating something wonderful for your kids to do together. Sounds like an amazing group you are part of.


Stinky John Jones said...

Wow! You guys really go all out!

Our playgroup is lucky we can plan a time to get together!

Sarah said...

so cute....

Classy Mommy said...

you guys truly do the BEST EVER playgroups. you all should write a book! no joke. hope all is well. colleen :)

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