Thursday, August 7, 2008

It IS easy being green....

Got this superb and totally EASY-to-do tip from the Moms for the Future website that is featured on Yvonne's blog. Moms for the Future is a fantastic site and a group that I hope to be joining soon. At any rate, they have some really simple things that you can do to make your home a little bit more green, and here is a favorite of mine.

Sign Up for Cleaner, Renewable Energy:
Buying cleaner, renewable energy will help create a market for alternate energy sources and move us away from fossil fuel dependence. Use your buying power to make a difference! Here are two ways to get started:

If you live in Chester County and use PECO, sign up for wind power. It costs just over 2 cents more per kilowatt-hour, and you can buy it in 100-kilowatt-hour blocks and pay just $2.54 extra per month per block. If you do other things to reduce your electricity use-like use compact fluorescent bulbs, buy energy-efficient appliances, and simply become more conscientious about turning off your TV and lights when you leave the room-you'll save money even with the added cost of wind, and you'll produce much less pollution. And our children will benefit exponentially.

As more people sign up for this, more wind farms will be built in Pennsylvania. So... what are you waiting for? Enrollment took me all of 60 seconds this afternoon!!!


You can sign up for 100% renewable energy at these websites, as well as others. And, if you use oil heat at home, you can buy biodiesel heating oil here, without changing a thing in your home. One of our moms uses it to heat her home, and all it took was a phone call!

Make it a green day!


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