Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I try hard not to talk about my politics very much. I, especially, had no intention of discussion political issues here on my blog, where obviously, I can be opened up to a variety of judgement and comments that are unwanted. But, for some reason, this entire election has changed my views on things, and I feel compelled to speak.

I am a registered Democrat. I have supported Barack Obama throughout this election. I have some major issues with Hillary Clinton, none of which I wish to outline here. I am new to this political landscape. While always interested from afar, I've never fulfilled my civic duties until this election. That is to say... I have never voted until the Primary this year! I know, that is pitiful.

However, the bright side is that at least I am getting engaged now in my mid-thirties as opposed to never being engaged. And, the reason.... Barack Obama. I credit him and his campaign for changing my views, energizing me, and making me feel that change can and will happen. There are MANY posts I could write about my feelings about his campaign, his candidacy, what an Obama presidency would mean for America, and maybe as the elections draws nearer I will write about some of those thoughts.

For now, as the DNC is going on in Denver and I anxiously await Barack Obama's speech tonight, I'd like to take a second to focus on the would-be First Lady. Michelle Obama is a refreshing change in the role of first lady, in my opinion. Michelle is a well educated woman with career aspirations, a dedicated mother, and ideas of her own. She will not be the in-your-face type of First Lady who is secretly (or not so secretly) vying to make her own way in politics, nor will she be the quiet, unassuming, and frankly, uninspiring First Lady either. I am voting for Barack. The fact that he is married to such a talented and interesting woman is merely icing on the cake. Check out her DNC speech from last night.

Ok, go ahead..... say what you need to say in the comments :-)


Jenn said...

Good for you! Rock the vote and make a difference. Please tell more maybe you can help me figure out what to do politically. I have always voted but sadly feel very uninformed. I got no time for politics but that is scary to even admit. Who knows where we will be if we all make the wrong choices now!

Dawn said...

I knew I liked him too which is why the only book I recommended for our book club was his Audacity of Hope. . . . I too am proud to support this monumental change in America's history!

Cazza said...

I too am for Obama for president. I have high hopes in him leading the United States which will eventuate to the changes in the world economy. One thing I question is,
how do you explain what he did to Hilary? Another strong woman who has lost her opportunity in making a difference. Although I doubt very much that she will stop her political career here, she's innovative to find another way to make her mark in the world. All hope that this decision did not hurt Obama campaign for running for president.
Best wishes.

Julie said...

Shannon, I love this blog post. I think its wonderful that Barack Obama has somewhat put a breath of fresh air into in otherwise "stale" state of politics.
I also read Audacity of Hope (I initially bought it for my mother, but ended up reading it before her haha) and it just reassured me of my choice.

I'm a registered Libertarian, because I tend to agree mostly with their values. Barack is leaning that way. Actually, I liked McCain 10 years ago. Hes just changed so much in the interim.

I'm glad you've made the decision to vote. I'm working for Barack Obamas campaign (when I have free time) and the big we're addressing is for non-registered people to get registered and vote!

I too, have issues with H.Clinton. So i can definitely see where you're coming from.

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