Saturday, August 23, 2008

Movin' and Shakin'

Or, maybe, the better title is Movin' and Slidin'?

Guess who needed to have her crib mattress lowered this week? Yes, we found McKenna sitting in her crib after a nap this week. All of a sudden, she can just sit up from laying on her belly. No practice, no baby steps... just sitting up!

And at the same time, she also started to CRAWL! Yay! Although, it is not a full crawl up on all fours. It is an Army crawl where she uses her arm strength to pull her body along with her....more of a slide or slither than an actual crawl. But, this is just semantics, in my world... SHE CRAWLED THIS WEEK!

This was a big week for her developmentally. We'd been waiting so long for her just to be able to roll over that I definitely didn't expect these leaps and bounds of developmental milestones being reached all at once.

Watch out world, she's on the move! And, Mommy needs to start baby-proofing ASAP!



DembroskyFamily said...

What a great picture. She is getting so big.

powesq said...

Congrats to McKenna for her "commando crawl!"

Lesley said...

YAY! They get so big so fast! Before you know it she will be walking!

Kate said...

For Real!!! :D She is adoreable....I am visiting you from the Philly Mom bloggers list.....have a wonderful day, lovely to "meet" you!! :)

Dawn said...

yeah!!!!! here it comes!!

girlymama said...

wow! go mckenna!!

isn't it such a shock when you go into their room and "surprise!" they're sitting up!!

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