Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Technical Difficulties...

My laptop is giving me some major issues the last few days. It can't detect our wireless network. And, I've got no time to try to troubleshoot the issue. Quite frankly, I'm also a little low on patience right now too, so am lacking the motivation to troubleshoot. I am now relegated to the office to use the desktop, and that is no happy feat. It is dreadfully slow and I miss being able to prop up in front of the TV and multitask writing and reading blogs while enjoying my mindless reality shows. I remember when using the desktop made me blissfully happy.... ahhh, life before the laptop totally spoiled me! Ok, maybe I'll be motivated to fix it tomorrow.



Sarah said...

Guilty Pleasure Reality TV show alert...
"Gone Country" on CMT. 7 washed up singers compete for a chance to "Go Country" and restart their singing careers.
This season Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, Chris Kirkpatrick of In Sync and Jermain Jackson of The Jackson 5. All while under the wing of John Rich of Big & Rich. They live in his house and play by his rules.

Last season Bobby Brown was on with Carnie Wilson and Dee Snider form Twisted Sister. It was a trainwreck but, I loved it!
Season 2 looks better than Season 1

It is TOTALLY DVR worthy.. Friday night on County Music TV. Yes, there is a Country Music Channel. I am not a country fan but I am drawn to the programming. I especially love "Extreme Trailer Makeover" Shh.. don't tell anyone. :-)

Stinky John Jones said...

I am totally unmotivated at the moment also. Have no idea why, but it's not due to laptop issues....although I just may steal that one. Hey, give it to a certain toddler, and we could have laptop issues.

Hope your having a better day!

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